Identity & History

Leonardo Frigo, is an Italian arti­st born in Asiago in 1993. He lives and works in London sin­ce 2016. After com­ple­ting his stu­dies in Art Restoration at the International University of Art of Venice in 2015, after some
expe­rien­ces in the resto­ra­tion sec­tor in France (Cathedral of Notre Dame of Chartres), he moved to London.

Over the cour­se of near­ly a deca­de, he acti­ve­ly pain­ted mostly string instru­men­ts, crea­ting this uni­que art form with the pur­po­se of com­bi­ning music, art and lite­ra­tu­re in a sin­gle object. Through stra­te­gi­cal­ly embed­ded sym­bols, illu­stra­tions and tex­ts, his works sti­mu­la­te the public to inte­ract with the tools in an alter­na­ti­ve way.

Passionate about the world of art from an ear­ly age, he par­ti­ci­pa­ted and exhi­bi­ted his fir­st works in Venetian cities.

Then, thanks to the col­lec­tion of seven vio­lins, dedi­ca­ted to the « Seven Deadly Sins » and a cel­lo inspi­red by « The Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi », Leonardo has par­ti­ci­pa­ted in suc­ces­sful exhi­bi­tions in Europe and beyond, inclu­ding Italy, South Korea, France and England. In gene­ral, his bio­gra­phi­cal illu­stra­tions have gai­ned world­wi­de acclaim.

In December 2020, after five years of work and research, Leonardo fini­shed the « Inferno » col­lec­tion, a tri­bu­te to Dante Alighieri for cele­bra­tions of the 700th anni­ver­sa­ry of his death (1321–2021).

The main aim of the arti­st is to pro­mo­te and share Italian cul­tu­re in the world, throu­gh his own art.

Thanks to the « Inferno » pro­ject, Leonardo has alrea­dy shared Dante Alighieri’s master­pie­ce in Europe, United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Asia, in anti­ci­pa­tion of inter­na­tio­nal exhibitions.

Currently the arti­st is wor­king on new arti­stic pro­jec­ts and he is dedi­ca­ting him­self to the dis­se­mi­na­tion of the « Inferno » col­lec­tion, con­cei­ved as a tra­ve­ling exhibition.